How To Increase Libido

Treatments for the Female Libido

Maybe you’re still attracted to your partner but you’re just finding it difficult to get aroused or want sex. There might be some deep, underlying issues, but it’s entirely possible that lowered estrogen levels have compromised your libido and that repairing the estrogen deficit could help to start down a road leading to improved sex and intimacy.

There are several ways to go about addressing the estrogen issue. There are foods that can improve libido, then there are herbal supplements or oral estrogen supplements. Popular solutions are topical estrogen supplements that are applied directly to the vagina. Most likely there’s one that will work for you just fine.

Topical solutions, sometimes referred to as localized estrogen therapy, basically allows for better lubrication and for improved sensations to make sex more pleasurable. The treatments are available as tablets, rings, or creams and are generally safe. It’s even possible that these treatments won’t just increase

lubrication and sensation but that they might actually be able to increase sexual desire. These are a popular solution, but they may or may not work for you.

Vitamin E can work in a way similar to the localized estrogen therapy. Basically you just find a Vitamin E gel capsule, pierce it, and apply the gel the same way as the local estrogen therapy. It supposedly allowed for improved lubrication and, again, possible improved sensations. Much like the other topical solutions, there are women out there who swear by this Zestra, a massage oil composed of several beneficial vitamins and herbs, has been shown in laboratory experiments to increase lubrication, sensation, and ability to orgasm in women regardless of whether or not they were dealing with a decreased sex drive. This one is probably well worth trying if for no other reason than the experimental data backing it up. It was significantly more effective than the placebo it was tested against and might just be the real deal.

ArginMax is the last supplement we’ll be discussing here, and it’s a nutritional supplement that boasts a high promise. Like Zestra, it has research against a placebo to back it up and, like Zestra, the numbers are pretty impressive. It claims increased arousal and sexual satisfaction, and a record of being effective in double the amount of women than the placebo is a strong record.


Any of these might be worth a try. The last two have scientific research to back them up and the first two are tried and true methods. Maybe with some luck you can find a treatment that works just right for you.


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